Illuminating signage is the next level in pushing your brand in a unique setting.
There are a multitude of methods which provide the freedom to promote yourself most effectively.   
Your image should be as unique as your company is.



Face illumination is high impact. The standard built up letter is replaced with an acrylic face and strategically placed LEDs inside the letter create an evenly illuminated face.  
The acrylic faces themselves can be a number of colours along with coloured LEDs to promote a strong vibrant face illumination. The face can be rimless or rim and return.
Rim and return is when the side of the letter continues on the face to create a narrow rim like an outline (see the example to the right).  
Rimless creates a letter or logo where the face is entirely illuminated with no outline effect at all.



'Halo' illumination is when the letter or logo itself is solid and light is directed out of the back and bounces off the wall creating a 'halo' glow effect.  
Stylish and subtle and great for receptions and boardrooms alike.
With a mixture of coloured LEDs, enforcing your brand is easily achievable in a less obvious way.



Traditional neon signs are now becoming more of an art installation or a statement rather than the once common sight in cities at night.  
We are now also working with LED neon illumination; affordable and low cost to run, neon is making a come back.  
Whether hanging in a window or in a reception, a visual statement can be made to your clients which exhibits design and class.



Light bulb signs are making a comeback.  
Fairground light bulbs in 'trough' letters has been a popular technique of illumination for decades, with the introduction of LED light bulbs, the running costs are slashed and the bulbs will no longer need replacing so frequently. For that 'vintage' look, this is a great option.