Flat cut letters are letters, logos and shapes cut from sheet material from 0.9mm thick up to 30mm thick.  

We can create unusual effects by bonding different sheet materials together prior to cutting on the CNC router, so this is a great method to get innovative at lower costs than metal built up letters.

Built up letters, otherwise known as 3D letters, are often used to display a company logo in a stylish manor.

The sides known as the 'return' can be set to a desired measurement to allow for bespoke depths of the letters.



The most common material used in creating built up letters is painted aluminium and polished or brushed stainless steel.
Your requirements on size and finish will determine which metal is used, but don't worry, unless specified we will advise the best option for your project.
To suit your desired colour our built up letters are powder coated to a RAL colour reference.  We can match the RAL reference to other colours, such as the colour on a business card for example.  
When we can't find a RAL colour match we can offer a wet spraying service which can match those more un-common colours.



Built up letters and flat cut lettering can be finished in many ways, but the most common metal finishes are brushed and mirrored stainless steel.  
A higher grade stainless steel can be used nearer salt water areas to prevent 'dulling' of the metal, but this is a popular method to neutrally display text and logos where colour may not be appropriate or desired.



From 1mm to 30mm thick, acrylic flat cut letters are strong, long lasting and can be sprayed to hundreds of colour options.

To get innovative, chat to us about layering with luminous acrylic to create 'glow' effects, or simply layering with different colours to incorporate your secondary corporate colour. As with all flat cut letters, these can be fitted flat to a surface or on nylon 'stand off' locator fixings.  Producing in thicker acrylic allows for a 3D effect.

ACM or Aluminium Composite Material (also known as Dibond) is a 3mm thick aluminium 'sandwich' like material with a light weight stabilising resin in the centre. This means it's incredibly lightweight and stable with a 10 year manufactures guarantee.  ACM is available in a range of Ral colours in both gloss and matt so is perfect for low production and low cost projects with long term external capabilities.

Popular in stainless steel, both in brushed and polished finishes, we also offer lower cost brushed and mirrored in aluminium composite material. Metal letters can be used when the letter height is too small for built up 3D letters.

As stainless steel is available in various thicknesses, it creates crispness to the letters when wanting an unpainted finish, producing a high end feel and gives the sign a 'floating' effect when fitted with hidden locators.

The same applied to aluminium sheet and this is used when the desired letters are in a painted finish.

Foamex is the lowest cost material used for flat cut letters, this is a great material for large high impact installations to suit smaller budgets.  Recommended for indoor use Foamex can still be effective externally for a number of years.

Choosing the right material for your brand and environment is a really important part of the process.